Gist of Blisst

Blisst was created to provide a simple yet powerful (& understandable/ accessible/ affordable ) tool for people to sell items online.
Whether you want to sell on your social networks, homepage/blog, or forums- Blisst makes is really easy.

No sign-up fees, no long-term contracts. Use Blisst risk-free.

You can even use Blisst to startup your own shop with no upfront costs. So you can setup your shop with no risk, no cost, and no hassle.
You can use Blisst as your shop hub and promote your items on all social media, homepages, and blogs! And if you just want a one-stop place to setup a shop, you can do that with Blisst, as well. :-)

Blisst currently supports US Dollars, British Pounds, and Japanese Yen. (*We're launching in Japan in August! Start listing your items now, to be part of the crossover launch, and get your items to a new audience! Though we recommend listing your items in Dollars or Pounds for now, unless you already have a Japanese fan base.)

Mobile ready: You can list items and sell with Blisst from your smartphone, with no app installation necessary.



☞First off, listing an item for sale is easy!

After signing up and logging in, you will enter the Blisst dashboard.
Click "List new item" at the top, fill in your item info, then click "Save item"!
Quick & easy:

use Blisst to sell easily on Facebook!

After your item is listed, you can sell through social media, your own homepage or blog, or forums- Sell, wherever!



☞Some ways to get the most out of Blisst:



How it's possible~

We are able to maintain Blisst by charging a 5% service fee on all orders (charged to Blisst sellers). Our service fee is deducted automatically from orders, so until an order is completed, Blisst sellers can list items free of charge.

Blisst's 5% service fee covers ALL credit card processing fees and our server and development costs. Blisst's 5% service fee includes Stripe's processing fees, so IN TOTAL, the ONLY service fee for using Blisst is 5% (deducted from orders after a purchase is made). There are no fees charged to buyers, and there are no other fees charged to Blisst sellers.

Pretty simple :-)

Thank you for your interest in Blisst~ We strive for excellence, and we only want the best for Blisst users. THANK YOU.


Kind Regards,
Team Blisst