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Pie Girl & The Snake, Graphite On Tracing Paper On Card Stock, ~5.8x6.3 Inches
A girl with a pie for a head
Or maybe a cake
Scooched to her ice cream
Petting her donut snake
“We’ll spend all time together”
Pie girl whispered to her snek
“I like you, too, bebe- I hope we soon come bek”
And come back they did
Time and time again
In a harmonizing tone
Both sang in unison:
“We’ve been here before
I love you, my friend
It’s always time for magic
And our magic will never end.”

I'll be shipping this drawing from Tokyo, in a hard cardboard box, with protection so that nothing touches the drawing. It is not sprayed, because spray sealer can mist away mojo! Approximate drawing size is 5.8x6.3 inches, mounted on A4 size card stock (8.3x11.7 inches).
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