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Space is very difficult to manage in a general sense, as space in and of itself is the context in which all events happen. Even with anti-matter and anti-space-- these are still contexts which allow for the possibility of action. Just a reminder: The Earth is a massive space ship, and we are all going along for the ride. Granted, it's quite a repetitive infinite ride, but a ride nonetheless... Thaaat being said, due to space expansion and planetary orbits, the Earth will never be in the same place as it ever was; just as you are seemingly a continuation of yourself from a prior time, even though your cells have been regenerated and DNA modified through life experience. You go to that one house you used to live in, but it's actually not even in the same place that you think it is. Nothing is ever the same, and in order to be our strongest, we must strive to be Conscious of the ever-existing Now- always Appreciating- and, Strength permitting, we must do what we are destined to. Stay strong, and don't be afraid to be your best~

Graphite drawing on ~5.5"x8.5" page. Drawn in 2010. This drawing will be shipped from Tokyo in some next-level protection mechanism-- not sprayed, because spray fixatif can kill mojo, yo~~~ Much love~
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