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Sell on social media

You can list an item with Blisst very quickly, without having to sign-up for long-term contracts or pay any upfront fees. If you want to set up an item quickly to sell to your various networks RIGHT NOW, you can!

Setup a shop quickly for free

Whether you're setting up your own brand or looking for an easy e-commerce solution for your brick-and-mortar business, you can use Blisst to immediately start selling online, with NO upfront fees or fixed-term contracts.

Sell your services

Have talents that you want to turn into a business? With Blisst you can receive credit card payments for your services, so you can share your talents with people who can't pay you in cash. You can also use Blisst as an invoicing system, by simply sending your Item/Service link to your client, so you can be paid to your bank account instantly.

Convert your homepage into a shop

Already have an established homepage or blog, but you want to convert it into an e-commerce shop easily and quickly? With Blisst you can! Just paste one line of embed code after setting up your Items on Blisst, and BOOM- you can now accept credit card payments without having to pay upfront fees, without signing fixed-term contracts, and without having to pay for an e-commerce service that you might not use.

Other Blisst features
Post a mini-shop for your item into any forum that supports embedding
Support for US Dollars , British Pounds , and Japanese Yen
Intuitive and easy to use interface
Setup and list Items from your smartphone without installing any apps